No. 2 – Skinscrapers released!

The second issue of SOILED, Skinscrapers, is now available! Order a printed copy from Lulu or download the free electronic version as a PDF [lower resolution].

Skinscrapers probes how our bodies interact with the spaces around them and how the spaces we inhabit can become extensions of our bodies. By focusing on the surface of the skin as a natural mediator, Skinscrapers navigates a continuum of scale, starting inside the gut, proceeding to the contours of the body, and culminating in the anthropomorphic city.

Revital Cohen transforms animals into medical devices.
Sarah Ross constructs velour suits to protest authority.
Matt Harlan illustrates a catalogue of new wardrobe opportunities.
Maegan Magathan, Stephanie DeGooyer, and Gabriel Gerlinger track chairs in public spaces.
Jimenez Lai inserts an unexpected white elephant within our living quarters.
Kate Hadley Williams and James Toftness photo-document Chicago’s murals.
Ania Jaworska sculpts a cityscape of eccentric characters.

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