No. 5 – Cloudscrapers released!

Cloudscrapers preview

Just in time for the holidays, SOILED’s fifth issue, Cloudscrapers, is now available! Purchase a printed copy for US delivery or international delivery. Cloudscrapers marks the second in a series of newly-designed issues produced at a local print house in limited edition.

Cloudscrapers looks up into air-space as a site for activated atmospheres, a privileged perch, and otherworldly occupation. Clouds are prone to be felt (sensually), reflected upon (intellectually), and seen (visually and representationally). In turn, Cloudscrapers’ stories indulge cloud precipitating, cloud pondering, and cloud watching.

Jack Wates constructs a sensual cloud cycle within the interior of a building.
Arthur Maxwell recounts the rescue of a public bather lost in time and nebulous emotions.
Clark Thenhaus inserts new astrological agency into simple agrarian forms.
Jenny Odell perches herself upon the cloud to better observe our quotidian surroundings.
Talha Ahmad & Michal Ojrzanowski narrate the theological dilemma faced by Muslim denizens of a floating city.
Natalya Egon & Noel Turgeon inflate the interior and exterior airspace to discover new wonders in an aging architectural icon.
Molly Chiang & Matthew DeLuca forecast a hiker’s journey along a trail elevated to atmospheric heights.
Luis Callejas tethers balloon doppelgangers of earthbound objects and creatures to protest authority.

Peruse 8 sample spreads in this PDF Preview!

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