2017.05.10 :: SOILED is featured in Studio Nock’s exhibition A PRINT: An open archive of architecture publications in Gothenburg, Sweden! The exhibit will be open through May 28, 2017.

2016.09.17 :: SOILED’s Deathscrapers release party was a cultural event that featured interactive exhibits related to our print content. Festivities took place at the Gallery @ Living Room Realty, in Chicago’s Noble Square neighborhood.

2015.09.24 :: Joseph Altshuler is interviewed by Artwort, an Italian website that covers art, architecture, design, photography, and fashion.

2015.04.30 :: John Hill reviews Cloudcrapers on A Daily Dose of Architecture.

2015.04.09 :: Editor-in-Chief Joseph Altshuler speaks on a panel entitled, ARCHIZINES Panel Discussion: Delayed Gratification at the AIA Architecture Center Houston, along with friends from PLAT Journal and New Geographies.

2015.03.31 :: Cloudscrapers is featured on Archinect’s 30th installment of ‘Screen/Print’, an ongoing series of close-up digital looks at printed architectural writing.

2015.03.14 :: Cloudscrapers is featured on ArchDaily.

2014.03.30 :: John Hill reviews Windowscrapers on A Daily Dose of Architecture.

2014.02.19 :: SOILED is featured on Curbed.

2013.10.29 :: Windowscrapers is featured on Archinect’s inaugural ‘Screen/Print’ series. Screen/Print is an experimentation in translation across media, featuring a close-up digital look at printed architectural writing. Divorcing content from the physical page, the series lends a new perspective to nuanced architectural thought.

2013.10.13 :: Windowscrapers is featured on ArchDaily.

2013.09.15 :: The cover of Windowscrapers is featured on Coverjunkie.

2013.09.13 :: The Archizines exhibition opens in SOILED’s native Chicago at Public Works gallery. SOILED Art Director Matt Harlan participates in a panel discussion as part of the exhibit on Saturday, October 19th. Copies of No. 4 – Windowscrapers will be for sale on site through the exhibit closing on November 2, 2013.

2013.02.01 :: Thanks to the generous support of 165 backers, SOILED’s Kickstarter campaign succeeded in its fundraising goal!

2013.01.16 :: Our campaign for Windowscrapers is featured on Kickstarter’s tumblelog.

2012.06.09 :: Platescrapers UN/EARTHED was a cultural event that featured interactive exhibits that continue the conversation instigated by No. 3 – Platescrapers. Festivities took place at the Gallery @ Living Room Realty, in Chicago’s Noble Square neighborhood.

2012.05.04 :: Skinscrapers is mentioned on Metropolis Magazine’s blog. A shout-out to the Pedosphere!

2012.04.17:: SOILED is featured among 80 other publications at the Storefront for Art and Architecture through June 9th! The exhibit is part of the ARCHIZINES‘s world tour, an exhibition of independent and alternative architecture publications curated by Elias Redstone. ARCHIZINES has traveled all over the world including London, Milan, Barcelona to date, and will continue in Berlin, Montreal, Porto, Paris, Bratislava and Dublin.

2012.04.03 :: Platescrapers is featured on ArchDaily.

2012.04.02 :: Platescrapers is featured on Archinect.

2012.03.30 :: Platescrapers is featured on Architizer.

2012.02.09 :: Platescrapers is featured on Gapers Block.

2012.01.31:: SOILED is featured among 60 fantastic publications in the ARCHIZINES exhibition’s first stop on its 2012 World Tour—Milan at SpazioFM; it runs through February 23, 2012. The touring exhibition was initiated in collaboration with the Architectural Association, London, curated by Elias Redstone and with art direction by Folch Studio, Barcelona. A catalogue to accompany the exhibition has been published by Bedford Press.

2011.11.20 :: Editor-in-Chief Joseph Altshuler speaks on a panel entitled “Today and Tomorrow Through the Critical Lens” at the Chicago Book Expo, hosted by the Chicago Writers House Project. Also on the panel was Jonny Thakkar, co-founder of The Point Magazine. Moderated by Michael Kramer of Northwestern University.

2011.11.11 :: SOILED participated in the Nite Market, a platform for unlicensed or uncertified artisan food makers to sell their goods to hungry food-geeks. The SOILED team hosted a vegetable stamping station for the many hungry food geeks that were in attendance.

2011.11.05 :: SOILED is among 60 publications featured in the ARCHIZINES exhibition at the Architectural Association in London. The exhibition celebrates and promotes the recent resurgence of alternative and independent architectural publishing from around the world. The exhibition will be on display from November 5 until December 14, 2011. See the press release and feature in the New York Times blog.

2011.11.01 :: Skinscrapers is featured on ArchDaily!

2011.10.05 :: Skinscrapers is a zine to be believed!

2011.09.28 :: Skinscrapers is featured on Design Bureau Magazine’s blog. We’re gross, but evocative!

2011.09.26 :: Skinscrapers is featured on Gapers Block.

2011.09.25 :: SOILED is now tweeting. Follow the filth!

2011.08.23 :: Skinscrapers is featured on Street Anatomy. Enjoy the bodily blogosphere.

2011.04.29 :: Groundscrapers UN/EARTHED is featured on NOTCOT. That’s some honey!

2011.04.09 :: Groundscrapers UN/EARTHED celebrates the release of SOILED and re-mediates the work of Groundscrapers. Festivities took place at the In the Table Gallery (7510 N. Wolcott) in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood.

2011.04.02 :: Groundscrapers is featured on ArchDaily.

2011.03.11 :: SOILED is included on ARCHI-ZINES, a new showcase of fanzines, journals and magazines from around the world that provide an alternative discourse to the established architectural press! Special thanks to Elias Redstone.

2011.03.08 :: The SOILED Team is interviewed by The Pop-Up City. Special thanks to Brendan Cormier.

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